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Poems I aint know em by heart; throw em out my heart stone em with art totem on top; rob thoughts ocean n your not knowing I rock loaded with locks broken on top dropping a notch up from your jots potent as rock boulders on blocks with glocks loaded.

My rhyme therapy clarity; my despair repairs; airing me out sparing me; darkness a spark; sharing these arts; restarts daring deeds; x marking the spot; Im not readily; to be deadly but to my enemies lock loaded and let it be; Known I drop recipes.


Transcending Dawn / 2 Spirited. – Nina : Slam Poetry

I try to keep normality absent. / As if I could mask it.
Transcend gender / transgender madd Kidd.
A retired liar /open book on fire;
Trying to inspire….
Jumping fences / caught on hooks and wire.
I can envision a promise land.
Tearing my clothes, Expose myself, / Dawn at hand.
Embrace the fate over the broken gate. / Even amidst the hundreds of broken promises.
I envision this grace / and the sacred place awaits.
We here now….
I bring my twin with me; polarity / solar ascend from our anatomy.
2 spirited 2 spirits 2 spearheaded /to a new birth of clarity.
Syncopated vibrations / soaring auras.
Space time gravitating towards us.
The sentiment unprecedent /We are auroras borealus.
More than God can handle.
More than the laws of nature.
Finally enter the state /open the gate
cause fate awaits us.