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They said I couldn’t have my cake… and eat it too.

Clearly they did not know… How to consume food.


She was so full of such silliness.

The silliness was baffling.

An astounding amount of silliness

An incomprehensible silliness

A silliness that surpassed the sands of time

Forever and ever and ever…

Was the silliness…

Anyways, want some cake!?


As I sit Listening to Bob Marley

I wonder where my lighter is

And ignore the dirty dishes for now

Laughing at the train bombing video where an artist stops painting…

Dumbfounded at god knows what

I’m kind of cold right now

My landlord shut off my heat to save money

Now he’s paying for my oven to be on for half the day

My album of choice is Exodus

Due to that particular song I read that chapter of the Bible

Just to see where he’s coming from

Just for Bob.


MY MUSE: Ice Cream Fiend. Rewritten by me; By Poet Unknown


Iced cream…

‘I was an iced cream “fiend”.

One day i decided i needed a scoop of… “rainforest crunch”.

Now… “cup or cone?”…

Cup or cone cup or cone…

When getting iced cream one is always faced with this conundrum

Cup or cone cup or cone?

You see if I take a cup… ill wonder about the cone.


You see with the cone;

I lick the tip… and then i crunch n munch the cone

then i lick the tip AND THEN I CRUNCH N MUNCH THE CONE

I take a big bite

Crunching n munching…

then i lick my lips…


cause I like that game…