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They said I couldn’t have my cake… and eat it too.

Clearly they did not know… How to consume food.


She was so full of such silliness.

The silliness was baffling.

An astounding amount of silliness

An incomprehensible silliness

A silliness that surpassed the sands of time

Forever and ever and ever…

Was the silliness…

Anyways, want some cake!?


JUST COMPLETED MY 100TH YOUTUBE VIDEO!!! yay! Goodnightnina – Abstract bars till I laughed too hard. (Over J Dilla Pt. 3)

I hope my rhymings timeless; Poetic royal highness. “Minus the riches;” So… My rags will wash the dishes.

Whats the tea?

Turn on the kettle like… Ride my D–K or… My whip? Don’t trip it is a pedal bike.

Thats me.

I used to love some… doctor sues… Rhymes about hungry 8 legged octopuss.


Im silly. Silly as a hillbilly. Driving a Lexus coup bumping biggie smoking a ciggy getting jiggy.


Naw son, Im dead cereal. Fruit loops enduced delirium. 6 AM: Dropping body parts in my gold fish aquarium


I DO NOT EAT GREEN EGGS N HAM. They Live, We Sleep. I’m out of bubble gum.

I guess its time I kick ass.

When I was a kid I danced around to brass monkey. Now I’m all grown up dance around to brass monkey. I tried to go to class n pass but math flunked me. Fuck me!

Hashtag Skunk Weed

I found some magic mushrooms on the way to the recycle depot. I could go pick them right now and become a psycho people.

Coffee refill?

Happiness and silliness on a dreary morning.

If it doesn’t pour rain, skate park at 7 am? I’m drinking coffee, watching silly T.V. shows on a big comfy couch with my lover. Cloud filled sky and our tired eyes; early risers today: 4 AM.

Unsure of what to write about but smile nevertheless and jot digital scribbles.

She’s looking through the “free” section on craigslist..

Micro-Fibre love seat. It looked rather odd.

She’s hit major scores lately though

52 inch TV…

Beautiful stained wood vanity type dresser…

House is looking wonderful!

On my 4th cup of coffee now. I’m a fiend for the beans from awakening to coffee as desert after dinner. It’s a bittersweet addiction; sometimes a cause of anxiety… It reminds me of chocolate; even though I drink it black. Yum.

“Are we supposed to do anything today?” I ask her.

Not that I know of…


She’s stroking my face with her feet.

“This is how I’d love you if I had no hands”.

Sips coffee*