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Train Graffiti – Nakul Vāc


image1 From Newyork Times

The No.5 train
roaring down rat alleys
slamming out the tunnel
going whop-pop onto the high tracks

Me riding the sky
in the heart of the inner city
Over the whole burnt
and rusted country

Making the art of the backstreets talk

The trains go rattling over
garbagy Streets
Past the dead-eye windows of
empty tenements

That have people living there
Even if you don’t see them

Now, see
Our tags
Our cartoon figures
Bright and Rhyming poems

Our art that can’t stand still
Climbing across your eyeballs
Night and Day

Flashing those colors in your face
The flickery jumping art
of slums and dumpsters
As if
they were your movie

A Found Poem, discovered in  pages 440-441 of the Scribner edition of Don Delillo’s Underworld

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