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It’s me again.

Photo on 16-06-06 at 7.54 AM #4

Another journaling rant about yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Feeling really good this morning. Thinking about life and this life is just fine. Life has treated me well as I could have gone down some incredibly regrettable paths. Nevertheless I made it through and I’m happy to be here at this point; in this moment. It took me many years to make the decision to transition. It took 4 months on the street to get my home. But I made it! My relationship with my girlfriend is great and my parents as well. I’ve dropped my addiction fueled lifestyle for a more calming and healthy way. Staying out of trouble for the most part…

But I still have work to do; we all do don’t we? Goal setting is something I’m going to be working on daily or I’ll be going nowhere (as happy and relaxed as I am) I should never get too comfortable. I’ve had this issue many times before … People ask me if I work or study and the answer being “neither” has to change. It always changes; life is ever-changing. So daily I will have created different to-do like lists to drive myself forward. I’m not worried about anything, I just know about the importance of not being too stagnant and the rewards of hard work.

I honestly don’t have any particular set goals on work/ school /money at the moment but this is good in my opinion because it leaves so many options..