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Poet and you know it.

Color blind with this rubis cube…. Blind color rubis cube cause I’m┬áDyslexic, shit I best exit left eccentric: peacocking on a see-saw with a cowboy hat “yeeeee-ha!”.

Poet and ya know it. On a silly tip. My tongue slips.

Nina Yin

Blast off.

IMG_20151216_143955_kindlephoto-13096875I’m up and I’m up
For this fantastic change
Naturally happy, dancing in the rain
Like tears of joy in awe I embrace
Loving this life and loving the taste
Holding my lover tight as a vice
Oh what a wonder, this day does ignite
Picturesque perfection, picture perfect so soon
Watch me blast off.
Catch y’all on the moon.

Nina Vestergaard.