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Tokyo’s Nightlife/ Nightscape【Photos】 — Street Photography (Digital Design)

These dark, yet beautiful images of Tokyo at night by Liam Wong are as stunning as they are surreal. Liam Wong, a Scottish graphic designer for Ubisoft, made the switch from programming to game design after a video game he developed as a 21-year-old university student was nominated for two BAFTA awards. Since then, he’s…

via You’ve never seen Tokyo’s nightscape quite like this【Photos】 — RocketNews24

My Clouds


Wasting time in the clouds: Indescribable comfort, it must be magic. Winters cold outside and I’m warm in my bed; moaning, rejoicing, grinning with delight. I went through a lot to get here: a home, and my bed is wonderful. My time in the clouds.

As I smile and say goodnight;


Nina Yin Vestergaard