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Addicted. – Nina

I’m addicted to mindless (and or ) intellectual stimuli,

Staring aimlessly into the sky,

Addicted to who what where and why,

Substances that change my mental chemistry,

Addicted to my lives entity,

I’m addicted to love and kindness,

I’m addicted to danger and excitement,

Addicted to make up, mirrors and outfits,

Poems, videos, streaming through fiberoptics,

I’m addicted to this world I’ve created,

Addicted to theatrics and new faces,

Cooking for my lover, Being with her and…

I’m addicted to climbing under the covers

I’m addicted to the mystic,

In love.

And then I wake up again…



Source: Addicted. – Nina

You and I; The Intimate Twins. Poetry reading. To: My Love.


You and I.

Are perfect….


Obserd but sounds good to my soul to hear it, maybe the word fits.

It can be easily explained but our complexity is vast.

I love you, I don’t want you to worry about anything,

Anything you need, just ask.


We grew together, naturally and happily.

My muse, sappilly, I’m enjoying your teasie casually, cheesy sassiness.


Thank the universe for calming morning rainfall.

Peeling us apart is always intensely painful can make me go




I’m at a place I’ve never attained

so I want this feeling forever engrained.

I was enslaved.

You broke my chains.


Love, spirituality: Growth;

a bond never to be broke.

Love songs.

The highest of note.


I want us to be infinitely intimate;

My twin,

my lover

and my biggest gift.

To L.C.

Love Nina