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Curiosity in India* – Street Photography

A cute young boy curiously looks at my GoPro during the morning Eid prayer at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium in Trivandrum, Kerala. If you would like to buy a print of any of the images, get in touch with me here.

via Curious boy during the morning Eid prayer — Joshi Daniel Photography

Story of Buddha by Nina Yin

“The importance of oneself.

Should not be important at all.

In essence we are natural.

But natural is not our essence

Until we are enlightened”



Buddha’s mother couldn’t get pregnant, one night she had a dream, visited by an elephant carrying a lotus, the elephant touched the side of her stomach.

The Queen was pregnant.

After Buddha’s birth he was taken to a guru.

Born into a royal family

Saddat (Buddha)  was to be a ruling king that the world had never seen….or a holy man (The Buddha) said the Guru.

His father tried desperately to hide the truth for many years, wishing he would never see suffering, and forever was to be indulging him in Luxury.

Saddat lived luxurious for many years but needed to find enlightenment, to understand his questions of life not found in self indulgence.

Saddat ran from the castle, his family and wealth.

He shaved his head and lived in homelessness.

-In Buddhism: Peace is found in poverty and without worldly things.-

After countless years of different practices and teachings.

Starving oneself for many years, practicing ancient rituals and studying….

Saddat took up starving oneself, thinking the key to enlightenment was to be without anything human to need nothing…

….he became but a skeleton…

His eyes deep in his skull like a light at a bottom of a dark well.

This was not the way.

Saddat was the most malnourished, deep in this practice.

But one day.

He got up from meditation.

He was given rice porridge by a woman walking by.

The others were shocked and exclaimed “Saddat loves luxury!”

Ashamed of him, but.

Buddha realized

There is good, in our lives, good that we need and is important.

Under a the boddhi tree sat meditating.

The Sun moved through the sky but the shadow of his tree did not move, the tree kept him comfortable,

He touched the ground connected with the universe and unto Buddha he became.

People from all over sought his teachings.

He taught for many more years to his disciples.

Noble truths,


and the way



“It’s time for me to go”. He exclaimed.

“I will be in Nirvana”.

*Enlightened*, placing his hand to the earth.

leaving his teachings behind.


-Nina Yin