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Escape; In The Here and Now – Nina


It is time…

Fleeting Moment Of Escape

Rising From About The Abyss

Flying away

Saturated In Sunrays

An Almost Blinding Light

Finding Oneself

Running Free…

“In The Here And The Now”.

In the Love…



Pondering The Magical Light-Switch – Nina

nina-on-fire-copySometimes…. if not always, I ponder the magical lightswitch .

Dark usually.. Black, or even a dim glow through my windowpane…

Wondering where it is!

Searching with my dumbfounded mind and wandering hands…

Ive been searching so long but the longer I search perhaps the more convinced I become that there really is a light switch.

“Where is it?”.

Wandering through the dark

An electrical pulse. Or a frequency sent.


If one could simply turn the lightswitch all would be seen.

A transcending force.

I close my eyes harder, as if focussing deep inside my mind body and soul.

Fearing what I may see once found.

Too curious to give up on my quest.


…for the light switch.




Mirrors and time. – Nina

An imaginative creature with a desire for adventure, forever in youth.
Years went by…

She looked in that mirror at 13 years old absolutely baffled. It changed everything. “Oh that’s who I am,”. She thought. Eyes wide as the moon shocked in awe. Now I see… A girl is who I am and who I am meant to be.But as most stories go years upon years went by ignoring self in the mirror of time. Dumbfounded by complexities and obstacles to simply finding oneself. She roamed about indulging in indulgence. Schooling in school and working in work. Fulfillment was un-achieved it was simply just work.

Of course there were the slightest attempts to reclaim who she was, where she was going and what she represents. But… Instead of believing in herself she simply listened to others, burying dreams and emotions, tossing them in oceans of acid. Profound sadness eventually madness engulfed her mind absolutely unable to unwind, she left it all…

Luckily for her time allowed the dream so resurface, emerging with profound purpose.

        Seeing the truth in a new light wings grew for a new flight. The wind simply carries as the wind usually does and she grew into something unusually good… The world slowly lifted off of her shoulders and she sees herself in the mirror once again.

Masterpiece and Spontaneity. A zen story.


A master calligrapher was writing some characters onto a piece of paper. One of his especially perceptive students was watching him. When the calligrapher was finished, he asked for the student’s opinion – who immediately told him that it wasn’t any good. The master tried again, but the student criticized the work again.

Over and over, the calligrapher carefully redrew the same characters, and each time the student rejected it. Finally, when the student had turned his attention away to something else and wasn’t watching, the master seized the opportunity to quickly dash off the characters. “There! How’s that?,” he asked the student. The student turned to look. “THAT…. is a masterpiece!” he exclaimed.

Meanings: “Originality is what makes each of us a masterpiece. Don’t stick to the same old way of doing things.”

“Stop thinking and just do what’s natural for you, instead of what’s expected. Some of our best work is done when we least expect it.”

“You can’t perform perfectly under the watch of critical eyes. When you don’t force perfection, it happens by itself, spontaneously. Great things happen when you least suspect it.”

“Whenever you watch over someone you make them self-conscious and uncreative. It’s like trying to teach a child. If you let them alone they will usually figure it out themselves and it will be great.” – See