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Loco lovers you.


You’re insane.

Thats partially why I love you so.

I lovers your insanity.

Your insane for loving me.

Insanity is sane though.

For Im loco.

Loco infatuated with hearing your voice.

Yeah… My loco soul does rejoice.

Every day when I wake up and wait for your call.

From my loco everything

And my insane all.




Hey you… I know… <3


I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she needs me.

She needs me to need and love her like I need her to need me and love me.

She is…

That soul search inside me…

She is “That best thing to happen”.

I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she will always….

Will forever love me;

For whatever the day may bring.


Source: I know. A love poem.

Rooted inside me; My love will continue rising. – Nina


Night falls;

As does my conceptual thought…

I am still awake but I feel I am dreaming

River streaming; Serenity spot

Calming ease ; My green tea is my peace

My soul is wandering… I think of you and your beautiful face

Even thoughts are warm embrace

The days fly by; and I want more time with you

Its a sign; that complete peace is a simple reminder of you

I am drifting away but I know you’re here with me

Listening to my poetry

As my green tea I am sipping







Evolved love – Nina

At first she was a stranger,

honesty I felt in danger

I needed help; so she picked me up in the ranger

5 AM

That was our first date.

We ate, I’m thinking

This girl is great.

Then we grew close real quick, like snapping a finger

Laying under the stars, getting faded.

Without no rhyme or no reason

Time passed so quick!

Months like seconds n shit

Only one life

She made me reevaluate; so I did

Seeing n Awakening n Escaping traps n mistakes that I missed

I evolved: To problem solving

While the world kept revolving

The writing created freedom within me like lightning

Working on sobriety, body chemistry defying me

Nevertheless. I

The visual learner: observer, outspoken with a learning curve swerving

Substantial growth we both notice, boasting a toast to “us” loathing

Painting pictures n making scriptures deviating mixtures: love elixir..


I’m with you… And I miss you when your gone; this is true

It’s all good though, we do what we got to do

Daily we brake a barrier down in this onward journey

Perfect fer’ me

You are a soulful soft touch but… Strict n firm when needed,

you n I;

Yin n yang:



Love Nina