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Loco lovers you.


You’re insane.

Thats partially why I love you so.

I lovers your insanity.

Your insane for loving me.

Insanity is sane though.

For Im loco.

Loco infatuated with hearing your voice.

Yeah… My loco soul does rejoice.

Every day when I wake up and wait for your call.

From my loco everything

And my insane all.






Sap Tree Abstract Natural Zen

HoneySuckled Sweet Absinthe Of The Pen

LoveSick PuppyEyes “I’m” Inner Infatuation

Intensely saturated in depths of her Grace



In Her Arms I’ll be

At peace.

Hey you… I know… <3


I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she needs me.

She needs me to need and love her like I need her to need me and love me.

She is…

That soul search inside me…

She is “That best thing to happen”.

I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she will always….

Will forever love me;

For whatever the day may bring.


Source: I know. A love poem.

Rooted inside me; My love will continue rising. – Nina


Night falls;

As does my conceptual thought…

I am still awake but I feel I am dreaming

River streaming; Serenity spot

Calming ease ; My green tea is my peace

My soul is wandering… I think of you and your beautiful face

Even thoughts are warm embrace

The days fly by; and I want more time with you

Its a sign; that complete peace is a simple reminder of you

I am drifting away but I know you’re here with me

Listening to my poetry

As my green tea I am sipping