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In the first place… – Nina

Softly spoken

Your ear is chosen

Secret whispers warm as june breeze

Lightly along your neck caressed

Heavy are your eyelids

Slight grin, as you

Laid down beside me

In these clouds

We are high above sky

Breathing a heavenly breathe

Not a care in the world

Not that we’re from it

In the first place.

Evolved love – Nina

At first she was a stranger,

honesty I felt in danger

I needed help; so she picked me up in the ranger

5 AM

That was our first date.

We ate, I’m thinking

This girl is great.

Then we grew close real quick, like snapping a finger

Laying under the stars, getting faded.

Without no rhyme or no reason

Time passed so quick!

Months like seconds n shit

Only one life

She made me reevaluate; so I did

Seeing n Awakening n Escaping traps n mistakes that I missed

I evolved: To problem solving

While the world kept revolving

The writing created freedom within me like lightning

Working on sobriety, body chemistry defying me

Nevertheless. I

The visual learner: observer, outspoken with a learning curve swerving

Substantial growth we both notice, boasting a toast to “us” loathing

Painting pictures n making scriptures deviating mixtures: love elixir..


I’m with you… And I miss you when your gone; this is true

It’s all good though, we do what we got to do

Daily we brake a barrier down in this onward journey

Perfect fer’ me

You are a soulful soft touch but… Strict n firm when needed,

you n I;

Yin n yang:



Love Nina



Being in love ; A little letter. From Nina

I cherish the many moments, even her sleeping to my side

I think she carries the weight of the world with grace

I’m proud of you.

We are together most of our lives since the day we met

And that’s helped me to grow into me; and into love

Thank you.

Passionately taking her soul into my own is… bliss…

She is more than special, she’s who I’ve been waiting, a lifetime

It was worth the wait.

Kissings you goodbye, I close my eyes.

See you tomorrow.