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Love and poetry.

Just want to piece together more peace together.

Eat and sleep together; live and breathe together.

Loving is just so simple sometimes.

As simple as the next breath.

And meeting you was the first step.

To that easily in place; simply saying “I love you.”

Love and poetry…

They go hand in hand.

I do miss you as I write this and it keeps me calm.

Keeping a storm at bay in my soul.

Love Nina

Smile note.


I will love n smile when the rain begins to fall

And then I will love when the sun begins to shine

I’m going to appreciate that which is beautiful and simple

Like this moment as I type; And sip my warm coffee

Thankful to be alive and breathing

I don’t write to gain; but perhaps learn about myself and…

Just to be happy for that moment; look back at it and smile again

We don’t have time to fret; life is simply too short

So I am here; smiling for no particular reason

But it does

Boost endorphins.

Just a smiley note for day







I love you with all my heart

And I love you with my arsenal of art

Hoping to melt your soul

I can remember you crying tears of joy

Like it was yesterday

The most beautiful thing Ive ever seen

You said you needed me

Oh how badly I needed you

And now to have you…

To feel you… To see you smile…

If I could give you the world

I would shed mine for you babe

And I think you know that

There is no bound to my love

I’m going to be here with you

Missing you when your away

Thinking of your beautiful face

But in my heart you stay




-Love Nina

She’s my light; I won’t be lonely… I sleep.


You know I’m in another place, It isn’t there, but its the only…

Thing I know… Its my dreams;

and I follow them till dawn when I hear your voice

I’m going to be dancing in waterfalls until the sunrise; I can’t help it!

There we are… Together… And neither of us had to move as I dream of your beautiful face!

I must be smiling in my dreams; Im sure of it when its you and me…

So when we say goodnight and I drift away

I came SO MUCH closer to you; your beautiful grace…

You’re my light; so I’ll never be lonely

And It Goes Without


I love you.