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Evolved love – Nina

At first she was a stranger,

honesty I felt in danger

I needed help; so she picked me up in the ranger

5 AM

That was our first date.

We ate, I’m thinking

This girl is great.

Then we grew close real quick, like snapping a finger

Laying under the stars, getting faded.

Without no rhyme or no reason

Time passed so quick!

Months like seconds n shit

Only one life

She made me reevaluate; so I did

Seeing n Awakening n Escaping traps n mistakes that I missed

I evolved: To problem solving

While the world kept revolving

The writing created freedom within me like lightning

Working on sobriety, body chemistry defying me

Nevertheless. I

The visual learner: observer, outspoken with a learning curve swerving

Substantial growth we both notice, boasting a toast to “us” loathing

Painting pictures n making scriptures deviating mixtures: love elixir..


I’m with you… And I miss you when your gone; this is true

It’s all good though, we do what we got to do

Daily we brake a barrier down in this onward journey

Perfect fer’ me

You are a soulful soft touch but… Strict n firm when needed,

you n I;

Yin n yang:



Love Nina



Undoubtedly; Love. – Nina

Love undoubtedly


For my lover….

As you read this*

Feel a sweet kiss* < upon your lips : My princess >

Finesse n stress relieving to your chest ❤

Undoubtedly my doubt of love would be senseless!

Profoundly bound to ; ecstatic for such to happen, *”you”*

¥ou are mine n I AM ¥ours it’s true.

My love grows more

and more

and more -8-

Adored n looked up to. Trust you; you implore my passions to grow up to…


and more

and more -8-

Thank you

To my love LC







Nina Yin reads her Buddhist love poetry. Slam poetry.

They say that a lotus flower can only bloom in the mud and peace can only be found in poverty

That a fool that knows they are a fool is truly wise… They say that life is suffering

They say that what goes around comes around, the karma; my dharma

They say that to take a journey as to meditate can be a key to enlightenment and that my worldly desires can only be a burden I carry along with me

They also say love is a burden but, after  I am in love and that is something I will forever carry

I belong to an infinite universebong among the endless stars. So I bow my head to the way

I send out my positive energy to my mother earth of which is my home; and like the stars; my energy is infinite

My dreams are constantly speaking with me, possibly even more so when my mind is clear; because they say…

That whoms mind is clear

Unto them

The Universe Surrenders


You and I; The intimate twins

You and I.

Are perfect….



Obserd but sounds good to my soul to hear it, maybe the word fits.



It can be easily explained but our complexity is vast.

I love you, I don’t want you to worry about anything,

Anything you need, just ask.





We grew together, naturally and happily.

My muse, sappilly, I’m enjoying your teasie casually, cheesy sassiness.




Thank the universe for calming morning rainfall.

Peeling us apart is always intensely painful can make me go






I’m at a place I’ve never attained

so I want this feeling forever engrained.

I was enslaved.

You broke my chains.




Love, spirituality: Growth;

a bond never to be broke.

Love songs.

The highest of note.




I want us to be infinitely intimate;

My twin,

my lover

and my biggest gift.



To L.C.

Love Nina



Mother Earth

space-planet-earth-light-clouds-ocean-landscapes-stars-wallpaper-1This isn’t about me oh but if I “wrote” it it must be.

Remaining in a learning stage forever; blessing and a burden.

Earth is but only a planet with life, it is ours nonetheless.

Shall we not take care of it as usual? Disregard the constant.

All shalt say “no”, on one blessed day to come together.

Human consciousness has infinite potential; universal power.

Love and kindness is such pinnacle of this form.

Unto you it is given to do as you wish.

Life is suffering but don’t fret, it’s yin and yang: a normality.

One day at a time with goodness; an uplifting intent.

It gradually grows and spreads like a mighty tree, un-movable.

A tree doesn’t know it is a tree but oh how important she is.

Mother earth.

Another beautiful morning.

The peaceful raindrops on my neighbors tin roof are calming to the soul.

I’m eating fresh fruit with angelic vocal trance playing out of my devices.

I optimistically picture the after of the sunrise for the night is in midway and it’s pitch black out my window

My lovers essence fills my head adding more divine texture to this moment as I smile.

Just another beautiful morning.Sketchbook-FC-4