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Another beautiful morning.

The peaceful raindrops on my neighbors tin roof are calming to the soul.

I’m eating fresh fruit with angelic vocal trance playing out of my devices.

I optimistically picture the after of the sunrise for the night is in midway and it’s pitch black out my window

My lovers essence fills my head adding more divine texture to this moment as I smile.

Just another beautiful morning.Sketchbook-FC-4

Dear Larissa – Nina

Today I am stronger than yesterday

Tomorrow I am stronger than today

I loved you yesterday today and tomorrow

I love you

Yesterday was amazing with you

so I can’t wait for tomorrow

Today I’m working on it

So tomorrow I can work harder

In the present moment I’m smiling

About a better tomorrow

The reasons have past

It just simply is


Love Nina

To my love – Nina

1198210295_f (1)

Why is it today that your kisses are sweeter than candy?

Impossible for me to ignore my love for you growing,

And growing; naturally and pure,

The days and nights fly by as if you changed space and time,

I get lost in the essence we’ve created and overwhelmed by it,

Why is it that the sound of your breath so soothing?

Sending me into a deep sleep in the night.

You are beautiful darling, you are truly an angel.

To my love.





Write… something…. ;)


“Write, write something”. She said. Staring at the screen with a blank stare. But wait a second, this is emptiness in form, it’s non-conceptual. Of value or of nothingness but, it is writing…. so…. “your going somewhere right?”.

Write, write something”. She said again to herself getting frustrated. She takes a deep breath and thinks of her lover lying in bed. Someone whos special to her and she’d be lying to herself if she said she didn’t love her.

“Write, write something”. She starts to smile while the hip hop blares in the background. Thinking of the markers in her bag and how she’s about to ride the train.

I want to write.

“Write, write something”.

To L.C.