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Shooting stars.

Bright as a shooting star, igniting the universe;I am born once again.

Illuminating the cosmos. Mesmerizing truths and realizations baffled before so clear now.

I was lost, trampling snow in a place unknown overthrown in self doubt and conflicted loathe.

I was self indulged in self destruction malnourished of real substance encompassed in self corruption never seeing light it’s obstructed.

But that’s past tense I’m fastened in my journey to my last quest, luminous natural like when the grass bends.

Blooming and blossoming. Autumn leaves. Calming breeze. A soldier like me only armed with peace.

Customized juxtaporized to my reborn self conducting rhymes that unlock the mind.

See clear.

The infinite number is single, you in this moment a single bell ringing, it humbles.


Source: Shooting stars.

Unnatural – Nina


You ever wonder if this is all a little too right?

Or a little too wrong?

If life was previously scripted?

Would that explain the mystic?

Or am i being superstitious that god would hold me like he’s superficial.

Haunted taunted and flaunted; fraud, a masquerade ; a facade ascertained:

Such… Immense Pain

From the darkness of which I abide; just simply trying to hide

From everything.

Wondering if life is a cruel joke and I’m the punchline…

I’m just indulging you in my psychotic life enduced paranoia

Pretend your me for just a moment

Everything I’ve ever done and seen and been did a god condone it?

I have extremed hightened senses that might implement the actions of a lunatic

A full moon is lit and the night is luminous

You must be new to this…

Welcome to a place where you’re not afraid to die because if you don’t die you’re afraid they’ll die because we all came here to die.

No lie.

I haven’t slept in days; its been about a week and I’m a subject of 21st century ways

How unnatural is this age

It can make anybody crazy






Oji Ft Nina Shade (Goodnightnina) – Homo Luminous – Psychedelic Music Video ;) . Please subscribe!

I was extremely lucky to meet Oji the Gift Bearer. He encouraged me to get on this song and produce the music video. He’s an incredible audio engineer and I highly suggest everyone to look up his work. He has an animated album that deeply spoke to me: The Gift Bearer.

Oji the Gift Bearer Ft Nina Yin – Homo Luminous

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Oji, he inspires me on so many levels, Oji produced this song and allowed me to produce the music video. Thank you for checking us out. Also please check out Oji the Gift Bearers Animated Album online, for those into psychedelics, I’m sure you will be enlightened.

Much Love

Nina Yin