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More Need, Greater Benefit


Great Middle Way

meditation-mudraThere is much anxiety and restlessness in most persons today, which are symptoms of agitation. The human mind simply cannot process properly the enormous amounts of sensory input to which it is exposed constantly. Thus, although finding the time and the emotional and physical ‘space’ in which to meditate may be more difficult in the modern world than it was in a rural setting in the past, the need and the benefit are actually greater.

There is an old Buddhist saying that everyone should meditate for ½ hour every day ―except for those who are too busy, who must meditate for at least one full hour.  This is not a clever, flippant remark. There is great wisdom in it, as the busier our lives, the greater the need to meditate.

However, please be gentle and kind to yourself. My Teacher used to say that meditating 7 days per week is optimal…

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Living in and escaping reality. A breath and a vision away.

11225997_523745491133883_3244804450055882299_nA tibetan meditation method has proven extremely effective for me (with practice). For months I would breathe in and out during times needed to let go. I was taught to picture an image in my head; it could be anything. As I breathe in, it comes closer to me and as I breathe out it draws further away. It has progressively become more and more effective on alleviating negative thoughts and as a matter of fact… thoughts at all. I learned from watching tibetan teacher at a conference teaching mediation.

As I said I have been practicing for months. Last night the image that I had been viewing for the last few months decides to change. It used to be a snow covered mountain that would draw itself in and out but for this time; for what reason I am not sure. What once was snow covered peaks daunting and treacherous yet beautiful mountains turned into an extremely simplicit image of a yellow flower. Now perhaps more simple, and meaningful to me the meditation was even more calming. I have been drawing flowers in my graffiti for quite some time. Drawing eyes inside my flowers; watching over the city. I love drawing them.

I am happy the flower has arrived and thought I would share the ideology of meditation, clarity and growth it brings.

And change.

Rant over


Guiding light. – Nina


Sedative poetry for meditating

Allow its resignating

In your psyche’

Designed effects: deep breaths n closing eyelids

It’s you and I

Mellow your senses, light candles or incences

Again; return to the breath and remain centred

Clear your mind, it’s only your breath

Vision a bright light, now concentrate on its depth

Breathing like calming ocean tides

These spoken rhymes a guide

To relax or open minds

Sending you to your to splendor

Which is… whatever you desire.




Beginning your Meditation by Nina Yin


It’s often hard to slow ones thoughts, it’s a fast paced world we live in but I encourage everyone to stop…. and breathe…..

For one looking into it for the first time I would recommend using a guided meditation; a simple process used to relax ones mind and body. Concentrating on your breath can help take away overwhelming thoughts and feelings during meditation ; in…… and out…. Also slowing the heart rate.

My personal opinion is that meditation can be done anywhere and in infinite ways. Once indulged in meditation you may find certain key points that make it worthwhile. For myself ground yoga or standing yoga, Zen music and sounds of rain help allow me to completely relax my body and spirit. On the opposite spectrum I’ve also found it humbling and calm to walk the inner city with my headphones on; spiritual music playing and losing myself in the streets. There is no wrong ways to go about it.

Calm cool and collected. We sit in half lotus. Becoming more and more enlightened, within ourselves.

Nina Yin