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Wisdom from The Wu

Decades of Wisdom from the Wu.            By Nina Yin Vestergaardwu_tang_clan_wallpaper_by_davidsmith1

Growth, Spirituality and intensifying Stories. Is what comes to mind when I think of Wu Tang Clan. Still today I’m admiring them from “My borough” in Vancouver Canada.

Peace Salaam to the Abbott: Shokran Rza Thank you for all that you have done for me. “The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum” was the case when I was 12 but I have grown up and am realizing / have realized the potential of myself; no longer scared of my own power and spirituality.

My tattoo of the Wu Tang with a lotus flower becomes more and more important in my life every day; located on my right ribcage where it is said Buddha’s mother was touched by the elephant to conceive him.  The video made in Vancouver on the recent Wu tour by my friend Nardwaur and possibly my teacher Fred interviewing Rza in particular where you spoke of the lotus flower… you were speaking to me.

Wu Forever and 36 chambers as well as Killa Beez been were bought for me at an extremely young age. I bought “Digital bullets” a year later, playing the Wu Tang video game which I’d have my lil group of friends come play. I put a big Wu on the basketball hoop at my school and it remained there for many years.

A better tomorrow is the new shit but I’d like to talk about the book written by Rza : The Tao of Wu, it had many Zen type/ Buddhist type stories; true stories! Sories you learn from and have to really think about…and the chicken bone story I could feel on my teeth, or the sad yet heartwarming story about your family moving into the new hood and getting robbed and finding out why so much later down the road.

Rza speaks with peta and his views on being vegan was extremely powerful. These animals are stressed in captivity, when you eat that meat, your eating that stress,”. I appreciate your activism and outspoken attitudes that carries on forever. I recently bought a Quaran for something I’ve never read. Wu Tang got me back into using my time wisely, call me back at the God hour.


Throwing up the W….My birthday turning 21 I was watching Rza perform with Stone Mecca his upcoming album “Digi Snacks” plus all the wu classics in a small club in downtown Vancouver called Richard’s on Richards.. It was beautiful.

Can it all be simple was a song amount many others I was obsessively listening to and watching the videos. I also watched the home videos in the projects; Gunshots and homicide. Shaolin Island. Videos meth made talking about the corrupted world we living in and how we should be preparing ourselves.

But there’s another side… “Good night. Here’s a kiss. Sleep tight and make a wish… “Beautiful. I regard Rza as the best hip hop producer simply because of the talent and style that resonates in my soul.



Nina Yin