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What you do not.


Instead of what you need; what about what you do not?

In a world of depressive materialism; poverty and pollution

I dont intent to tread on trend; pretenders I severed an end

Theres a fine line drawn in the sand; trampled

Without mindful intent; a spiritual glance

What is the zen and the trance; compassion enhanced

And when does my third eye open; to notice what controls my emotions

Carefully ponder; what I do and what I do not need

Eat, sleep and breathe

Clothing and shelter and ease

Calming peace and honourable deeds

No harm. No foul.

What I do. And what I do not need.





Bowing this morning.

Bowing my head to the east

through the darkness.

The journey cannot be described by words.

Complete stillness.

We visualize without knowing it; For telling.

Do you feel the gravitational pull of the Way.

Close your eyes….

When one bows in respect to all Buddhas, a feeling of reverence arises in your heart, and animates your actions and speech. You express this feeling by bowing to all Buddhas. The practice gets rid of both obstacles of arrogance and ego. When respect arises, you deepen your ‘good roots’ of reverence and faith.

Avatamsaka Exegesis