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Letter to myself.

Everyday is another chance to try this all again

Please be focussed Nina

Not all is lost; all is to gain from this pain

It is very true that the lotus can only bloom from the mud

Let your mind be free from this; you can always be free

Anytime you want; but you must learn

Lust not for anything but good health,

Honesty and love and wisdom

This is a letter to you sweet Nina

To take care of yourself and take care of this life

Heart beats like drums and breathes a breath of pure life

Carry on with your blazing torch

I promise you a better tomorrow.






Run through the darkness.


Take a chance and live your dreams.

Every moment counts.

Against all odds fight for the reason to live.

Run through the darkness till the sunrise.

If the world can’t handle you justĀ hold your head high.

You are the judge and jury of your own life.

An artist striving for something; in this fleeting moment of escape.

A vacation from the norm and to revitalize the spirit, seeing yourself and everything around you in a new light.

So go, run through the darkness to see a new light.

Just go.

Nina Yin