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On one; while willy two’d the three.


Imma easter tweakin rabbit;

wit a knitted wicker basket filled with easter egg licorice hashish;

bouncin up the aves wit it;

towerin empowerin steppin on leprechauns;

weapons drawn pointed at the annointed;

joint lit so tell me what the heck you on;

im on one; while willy two’d three;

swinging a jewly piece;

the rhymes like tom.




Northern monopoly (I survived) on the concrete. – Freestyle Slam Poetry Over Nujabes Poetry Reading by Goodnightnina

How could I feel ; Its all so real ; Pain;

Embeds my brain. And. How could that…

Be. They’re;

Piling up the dead bodies.

In Bulletproof hotel lobbies

Insites where a nurse shoot-up-your-down properly

Northern monopoly

Its flooded. In an open air drug market;

Remarkable profit; Sub tropicals chronic

Users, abusers, thugged out losers.

Breathe…. She…

Breathed her last breath in the alleyway;

She ran away as a kid


It sad to say… The streets a trap;

Praying on the weakest.. Link

We brinked;

The highest H.I.V. rate

I write rhymes…Cause I survived…

And. Time Flies…

On the concrete.


Talking with the devil. Pt. 1 – Nina

As a young child

The Devil asked me what I wanted

In exchange for my soul in the afterlife

It took me a centuries to answer his calling

Dreading the hell but infatuated with my reward

I would hear him whispering in my ear

About the treasures and fulfilled luxurious desires

Anything I wanted was to be mine

God was nowhere to be found

I was feeling so serene in the devils shadow

Perhaps I liked it like that

And so it seemed…

The devils offer was the only option…

And I closed my eyes.



Rooted inside me; My love will continue rising. – Nina


Night falls;

As does my conceptual thought…

I am still awake but I feel I am dreaming

River streaming; Serenity spot

Calming ease ; My green tea is my peace

My soul is wandering… I think of you and your beautiful face

Even thoughts are warm embrace

The days fly by; and I want more time with you

Its a sign; that complete peace is a simple reminder of you

I am drifting away but I know you’re here with me

Listening to my poetry

As my green tea I am sipping







Love and The Life – Nina

kiss_anime_girls-HD.jpgI spent a decade

Frolicking in toxins

As did you;

We’ve spent an earth year together

Grasping each other tightly


Am I? An addiction


I feel it; sometimes depicted

But we have to bear in mind

Where we came to find

Ourselves within

Each others hearts

Where we made our marks


Serving as a light

In this dark…