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NonFictionSlamComposition. Im back. – Nina


Everything is falling apart; but everything is coming together

Destroy and rebuild; rebuild and destroy, Yes I endeavoured

I created a world and left it behind n I…. Still shine.

Creating a new place; place n peace of mind n I’m

Suffering uncomfortably then suddenly…

Comfortable nonetheless!

Blissful in nothingness*

My 3rd eye moonshine remove I from crude times..

Zen bends my lights to the contexts that I suggest

So the world is mine and I am simple sublime

Construct my life obscuring obstruction

Its my life; I play like a conductor

N My heart beats like percussion

And I’m not scared to die like life is nothing

But I die to live; my life is mine to give

Forgive me for living like what I got to lose is nothing

What would you expect in this time of glutton?


Life is something.






I accidentally took LSD. A non fiction poem. – Nina

Summer night. 2015


I thought it’s “a Zenful day”

Vegetarian sushi 

No sugar or alcohol just the good stuff and it’s a good day

Happy birthday to my baby, make a wish and get it all

She put a tab on her tongue, I didn’t see it at all

Back at home there was something I missed when kissed…

Perfect timing because I just caught the contact high. oh shit…

I didn’t know what I did, I laid down to go to sleep

One hour later, I’m like ” Hold up ” what’s happening to me…

When I took LSD, my synapses align in perfect timing

A slight redesigning and everything started shining

Something is “definitely” happening is what had crossed my mind

No idea what to expect, so I figured I would unwind

I’ve never done this before now how do I relax?

Something calming to the aura, I walked towards the the bath

I took a shower for an hour and she decided to join me

I think this was a good idea. Warming up, disoriented blissful ointments

Kissing her for a few, then the night sky filled with laughter!

We played like we were kids without a worry, ever after

Apparently we were loud enough to wake the whole block

So we retired to the bedroom to chill cuddle and talk

I wasn’t afraid or ashamed, utterly relaxed

Laying on my back, calming Buddhist tracks

Not high or sober, just something new component

Angels in the sky watching over us at each and every moment

An 8 hour meditation instilled with euphoria infatuation

Into the sky and back, wow. Happy birthday to my baby.