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I’ve tried to conquer this. – Nina


I’ve seen so sick for so long.

This is hard to type;

wondering for how long… this is going to be my life.

I’m trapped in this.

I can’t remain calm, when my bodily chemistry feels like napalm.

Something to scorch the pain

Somebody torch the way

This is torture;

I live with day to day.

I’m up and down but mostly down

and it’s down deep

Hoping I don’t go down so far that you can’t find me

As the tears stream down my face

It’s hard to face the days

I need this pain to go away.

Hard to see

Hard to speak

Hard to breathe

Please …

Help me God

I need peace.


Pain and a seed of joy. – Nina

Life is amazing, graced with the raising of a beautiful woman

Still I cry every couple hours suffering in my temple I’m burdened

I’m entrapt in my mind and my gripping is slipping

and losing it now. Hope I don’t turn up missing.

My physical pain is chemical imbalance torment

I wish it wasn’t real I’d rather it be a performance

But I know my happiness is dormant

A seed…

Awaiting me to blossom again

From the bottom back to the top of my game


We’re probably supposed to have it,

Eventually grasping magic, life’s wonders electric static

I need that spark, and I’m going to get it, no regrets, that’d be pathetic

This is a process beyond depth I can’t fathom or imagine

I’m going to be high rolling again

Unafraid, maintaining with the utmost grace attaining

Attained will be past tense, ill move past is and blast off

FAR beyond.