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Here I am

In the dark of night I arise once again

To collect my thoughts I write with pen

Its about time I do this again

With no regrets where does this stem?

How long have I been in this place

My skyscraper oasis

Thousands of faces

As the city tells tales naked

Must be about a year now

I was losing my mind but Im here now

Nada to fear now

Its so clear now

Cool; calm; collected

Solemnly protected by my own perspectives

I walk with a thousand spirits

I can see; smell and hear this

They touch with a thousand arms to feel this

Flowers in the City – My current art project.


These are all stickers. “Slaps” I bought them from the dollar store, people find graffiti to symbolize violence but I’d like to present my works to the streets, “Flowers in the City”.