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Addicted. – Nina

I’m addicted to mindless (and or ) intellectual stimuli,

Staring aimlessly into the sky,

Addicted to who what where and why,

Substances that change my mental chemistry,

Addicted to my lives entity,

I’m addicted to love and kindness,

I’m addicted to danger and excitement,

Addicted to make up, mirrors and outfits,

Poems, videos, streaming through fiberoptics,

I’m addicted to this world I’ve created,

Addicted to theatrics and new faces,

Cooking for my lover, Being with her and…

I’m addicted to climbing under the covers

I’m addicted to the mystic,

In love.

And then I wake up again…



Source: Addicted. – Nina

Dear Larissa – Nina

Today I am stronger than yesterday

Tomorrow I am stronger than today

I loved you yesterday today and tomorrow

I love you

Yesterday was amazing with you

so I can’t wait for tomorrow

Today I’m working on it

So tomorrow I can work harder

In the present moment I’m smiling

About a better tomorrow

The reasons have past

It just simply is


Love Nina