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Dear Larissa – Nina

Today I am stronger than yesterday

Tomorrow I am stronger than today

I loved you yesterday today and tomorrow

I love you

Yesterday was amazing with you

so I can’t wait for tomorrow

Today I’m working on it

So tomorrow I can work harder

In the present moment I’m smiling

About a better tomorrow

The reasons have past

It just simply is


Love Nina

Poet and you know it.

Color blind with this rubis cube…. Blind color rubis cube cause I’m┬áDyslexic, shit I best exit left eccentric: peacocking on a see-saw with a cowboy hat “yeeeee-ha!”.

Poet and ya know it. On a silly tip. My tongue slips.

Nina Yin

Night’s with my love.


My eyes glimmer with reflections of the street lights passing by and my eyeshadow flashes green.┬áThe cold air makes me lick my pouty red lips. I’m ghostly in the winter; like a geisha. You can tell I’m deep in thought. And you wonder what I’m thinking about….


Love Nina

Looking down. – Nina

I often look down as I walk

not because I am ashamed

I want to see my feet placed upon the earth for that one moment

Feeling my foots friction against the earth, vibrations

I will never take this step again

Every step in life, you may only take once

To live in and appreciate every step for as beautiful or as dark as it may be;

I am in this moment.