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MY MUSE: Ice Cream Fiend. Rewritten by me; By Poet Unknown


Iced cream…

‘I was an iced cream “fiend”.

One day i decided i needed a scoop of… “rainforest crunch”.

Now… “cup or cone?”…

Cup or cone cup or cone…

When getting iced cream one is always faced with this conundrum

Cup or cone cup or cone?

You see if I take a cup… ill wonder about the cone.


You see with the cone;

I lick the tip… and then i crunch n munch the cone

then i lick the tip AND THEN I CRUNCH N MUNCH THE CONE

I take a big bite

Crunching n munching…

then i lick my lips…


cause I like that game…

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”.

Na jukna kabhi kisi se, Na rukna kisi mod pe, Na tham na kisi rah pe, Na harna kisi hal me. Ye Hauslo ki Udan he, Tu udana badi shan se. Nishan Chuk Maf, Nahi Maf Nichu Nishan. Forget each and everything, Happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts

Quality of thought….

Meditation daily.





via Happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts — MAULIK ZAVERI WELCOMES YOU

Being in love ; A little letter. From Nina

I cherish the many moments, even her sleeping to my side

I think she carries the weight of the world with grace

I’m proud of you.

We are together most of our lives since the day we met

And that’s helped me to grow into me; and into love

Thank you.

Passionately taking her soul into my own is… bliss…

She is more than special, she’s who I’ve been waiting, a lifetime

It was worth the wait.

Kissings you goodbye, I close my eyes.

See you tomorrow.




Time is the beautiful now. – Nina

Time is beautiful

As it has the power to reveal

The power to heal

Time you can feel

Time isn’t always so real

As time can lock you up

or set you free

Each moment;



Each moment only once; it is precious

Calm or restless…

A fleeting escape

Alive or un-awake

Somethings are timeless And Others are past their time

Or before their time…


It is affected by gravitational pull

Like the moon




Time is soon and later and now

It was before And it was before before

Playing in the time

Until we are given no more

But this is natural so don’t be afraid of time;

Stretching or… running out

I don’t need a watch to know


The time is now.






Just another day. – Nina

It was about 10 o’clock. Hot summer night

Easy to spot their flimsy flashing lights

The cops parked on my block to come n lock me up

They should’ve locked the truck

Somebody swooped in and took their shotgun: upped

Computer too


I was long gone with my pitbull

Just another day as Nina, my life was never dismal

Last month the cells were blissful

A meditative miracle

Art crimes

Devout mind

Nope, I’m no criminal