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Zen Flash. 🙂

Zen Flash

Meditation is important because it brings people back to this very moment. And it’s usually the last place anyone wants to be, yet we cannot escape it. That is why many suffer, they wish for a different moment, a different Now, and it’s impossible.

~ Charlie Smith

Zen, Tao, Chan

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Buddha story.

imageSomeone asked Buddha, “How shall we meditate?”

Buddha replied, “Whatsoever you do, do it with awareness; this is meditation. Walking, walk attentively, as if walking is everything; eating, eat with awareness, as if eating is everything; rising, rise with awareness; sitting, sit with awareness. All your actions become conscious, your mind does not travel beyond this moment, it remains in the moment, settles in the moment – this is meditation.”

What many of my students struggle with is clearing their minds for meditation

– we have tens of thousands of thoughts every single day after all.

Buddhism; Here and Now: Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not an evolutionary attainment. On the contrary, ordinary existence is a temporary involution of our true nature. Because nothing can cease to be what it is, this involution is not enduring. It arises at every instant, caused by wrong views and afflicted emotions, and is sustained momentarily by unwholesome conduct. Enlightenment is not something […]

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Dear Larissa – Nina

Today I am stronger than yesterday

Tomorrow I am stronger than today

I loved you yesterday today and tomorrow

I love you

Yesterday was amazing with you

so I can’t wait for tomorrow

Today I’m working on it

So tomorrow I can work harder

In the present moment I’m smiling

About a better tomorrow

The reasons have past

It just simply is


Love Nina