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We are governed; fact or fiction? – Nina

We are governed by the laws of physics

is it…

fact or fiction

to be trapped


to believe in supernatural



We use a small portion

of our mind

or activation

psychedelics sublime

become animated.

Strange places I’ve been

and I wonder

if my eyes



defy me;

defying the governing laws


the laws of the universe.





Hyphen. Gasping for Air

Quest quest questionz’

Only me and my reflectionz’

Have me left guessin’ gaspin’ 4 air’

I wanna’ see thangs clear n’

Not despair’

I’ve lived too many daydream nightmarez’

Upon these days revolve’ the self doubt’

In out and about’

Wishin’ I had clout n a stout’

Aerosol candid bandit’

Maybe a mic n my hand its’ jus a little’

Piece of the puzzle’

The pitbull muzzle’


Reciting lyrical exitement’

Take a bite of forbidden fruits’


The way these rhymes take me away.