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Peace; A ramble on a Saturday Morning

photo-on-16-11-25-at-5-14-pm-7Why don’t I write any more? Have I gotten out of the groove? I said it was back to art? But how much art have I actually done? It seems like I fret without the constant attention I seek and its become oh so clear that I have a fear of abandonment. I aught to be ashamed of myself. Nawwwww I shouldn’t be its just the way I am. Nevertheless a very lucky girl indeed with oh so many blessings to keep me going!

Dear god if you can hear me I want to thank you for everything you’ve given me and even the things you havnt or have not yet or never will. NORMALLY I wouldn’t even acknowledge you god but I am not perfect. Maybe you are not either? Or maybe you are? Or maybe you don’t exist? Or maybe I am the god I am talking to deep inside myself. But I don’t think so. But it is good to be humble and thankful and as peaceful as you possibly can. Its a beautiful morning indeed as the rain pours down outside my windows.

Thank you god/ Universe for all the people in my life; its amazing how many people are out there and its almost like they are there JUST for me. Its very special; I want you to know if you’re listening I am thankful you put my girlfriend in my life she’s truly wonderful for me and we’ve come along way together so please help guide us in the right direction; in particular help guide me in the right direction and keep her safe god. Keep my parents safe as well and all of my friends, they deserve the best; they are beautiful. As is everything in creation if we can all live in peace. Peace be upon this world in the name of everything beautiful.

Keystyle freestyle writing. – Nina

I don’t know what to write. Impose a rule on myself to just compose and type

; like I suppose your right. Here it goes; in flight.

Im not complaining simply explaining that a lot of my days are draining me driving me insanely, plain to see that my mind is somewhat aimlessly;and broken.

I wish I was calmer are more soft spoken.

My girlfriend says I was in a better place mentally when I was living in the homeless shelter.

Shes right; its like I do better surrounded by… lives like mine but whatever.

Now is the only moment; so: hold it…

I Do not condone any of my past it’s already done so don’t quote it.



Why?… a ramble. – Nina


11849395_1620664041525281_32927345_n.jpgAn interesting thought.

I’m content in my body n that’s cool cause like… I was a boy once

I am rambling because one must ramble as a writer.

Cooking is a delight, I do it with love.

I miss the summertime when I fell in love, although I never fell out it was a beautiful time.

The never-ending sunshine I had the tan of a goddess, bikini on constantly.

Now it rains and seemingly only rains, it will pass.

I do a lot of art to keep my mind preoccupied by this weather prison.

What am I even rambling about and why are you reading this?

Go home.