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I’m Lucky

Fortunately for me.

I was fortunate enough to live to: 27 in: 2016.

I wander though lifes mystery.

I can leave the past in the past.

Its all his-tor-y

So why bother: fret-regret

I’m still breathin’ and I’m dreamin’

Keepin’ all my demons in check.

So what’s next?

I’m pretty hungry with a spiritual thirst

I’ve seen miracles work

And sometimes it’s when the lyricals spoke.

For what its worth.

Always returning to the earth; it’s a grounded approach.


Trans Pride: A Higher Cause (Poetry) – Nina

I am…

The Type of writer who lites fires with typewriters.

Trans pride; n its a quite higher:


Despite my minor flaws I write because.


Inspired by role models and not cold bottles.

No more sorrow.

I’m trans and…

Trans transgender pride; my gender why?

In splendor I; am utterly myself.

Selfishly no; selfless by being oneself with.

All that I can and possibly will.

If I didn’t; I’d probably be ill.

Although it really needs no commentary.

On the contrary I still see a bigots daily

I’m doing fine but I can imagine somewhere out there…

Someone is terrified of being themselves

I see this clearly.

Now a common occurring; non obscuring event.

I present myself to the world plus my 2 cents.

Have a conscience; discriminatory nonsense.

Happiness lays around the corner for many.

Plenty if we; could set an example and

Simply be free.



Kernelled Remains — Mind to Unbind

Eyes glued to screens. Fingers fastened to keys. Characters are not novel, just 140 long. Nightly news! Death’s script flung from monotone lips. The hour skit a regurgitation of third world shit. First world filter cleans so we can swallow. Popcorn that is… Crunch! Buttered morsels dissolve. Fingers greased with privilege. Eat, tweet, repeat. Screens smeared […]

via Kernelled Remains — Mind to Unbind

Nina Shade ( Nina Yin) Goodnightnina – Dreams / Every Night (Slam poetry over J Dilla)



I dream every night. It’s like I don’t sleep; I’m far to busy venturing down rivers and streams, painting infinite trains.

My dreams are what dreams are made of. My mind is the money so the vacation is paid up.

Tropical paradises on every turn. Gorgeous baby blue pools with pearls twirling my world.

I can fly if I want to, take off  better than Peter pan. But the tricky part is always the land.

My dreams got music so I wake up singing love. Lyrics that no conscious mind could think of or use it

My dreams have more amusing amusement parks than Cali and Dubai put together. Damn my subconcious got its shit together.

Nightmares worst than Steven kings, but I’ve been a horror flick since I was a kid.

But this is real time 3d and if it’s too deep I wake up n have some tea.

I dream every night; its deep.




I get lost in pitch black Like I’m Trippin on LSD

Painting pictures I can never “see” , clearer than glass to my mind when it computes it.

But my minds far more complex. More convex it sees more than I can comprehend.

How many times I saw the end or woke up to a new beginning, open my eyes and the rooms spinning,

Damn I’m dizzy that was trippy.

What were those lyrics I heard angels signings?

I turn the light on.

I got the light, write before it’s gone.

Pick up a pen and write down this midnight song.


We are governed; fact or fiction? – Nina

We are governed by the laws of physics

is it…

fact or fiction

to be trapped


to believe in supernatural



We use a small portion

of our mind

or activation

psychedelics sublime

become animated.

Strange places I’ve been

and I wonder

if my eyes



defy me;

defying the governing laws


the laws of the universe.





Rhyme Therapy. – Nina


Just writing shit. Passing time. Outlashing rhyme.

Is Concrete freedom? Completely completing me?

I feel like I’m depleting…

Too much time… so here I rhyme.

I got a good girl, good world. I’m in love.

Word therapy; it’s scaring me cause words release and reveal disparity.

The repressed stress that impales my chest… I’ll just…let the rest of my rhymes set sail.

Every day listening to the rain, it washes pain away.

I want to get up, but it looks like imma do it on a later day.

Now: Trynna bail… out….I fell off.. or fell out… I feel like I’m doing nothing when I’m

sitting here alone with my own”self.”…

I’m too used to street tops / we walked the block in reboks / more miles than Enoch /

up n down like seasaws

…then hop trains to the seashore. Drink more. I need more,

Fuck, I bleed for freedom like firey Vietnam napalm.

I’m going awal.

God Damn I seen it all… and it drove me up the walls….

No sentiment to what I representing in this moment.

Alone, Heckle myself. Jeckle?

Fuck it, Hyde… but wise with pretty eyes.

Over a fucking^^ rainbow, ;) – Nina

A glorified boring story… Spilled guts of glory, implored instored deph percept the gore; me. Slips my toung, crack the drumb; dumb deaf blind and I drank myself knum’>Wake up your your teeth in my fist n creep through the myst. Out the traintunnel better detained cuz im bustin uptempo currupt abrubt and strange* somehow remain humble? Assertained a few nasty lacerations; theres more pride n that than a facelift. ^.^ Hustle like anything else, son you a little stress. sum to get off ya chess?


Checkmate and a big chain. Switch blades hop on the trains n dipped day’zed.


Hyphen. Gasping for Air

Quest quest questionz’

Only me and my reflectionz’

Have me left guessin’ gaspin’ 4 air’

I wanna’ see thangs clear n’

Not despair’

I’ve lived too many daydream nightmarez’

Upon these days revolve’ the self doubt’

In out and about’

Wishin’ I had clout n a stout’

Aerosol candid bandit’

Maybe a mic n my hand its’ jus a little’

Piece of the puzzle’

The pitbull muzzle’


Reciting lyrical exitement’

Take a bite of forbidden fruits’


The way these rhymes take me away.




Lil Rhyme Poetry – Nina


Inspite of my risked flight heres some insight to my intwined mind designed to inspire

Nothing required; building from a comforting nothingness to be blunt ignorance is bliss and just oh so comforting

But no views distorted, as far as I’ve seen or noticed. Visionary mind state I escalate and remain focussed

The persuit of happiness is on track mathmatically; tapping into my potential of a well that fills and distills drastically

Conform to no norms, I’m in no way shape or form a part of a swarm a touch comforting warmth

I like runways of sunrays that come blaze the concrete Im amazed at the phases Ive been through I’m feeling complete

My girl and I build together; nothing ever felt so real, Im feeling the future will help us keep it here n still always will just be together