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Hyphen. Gasping for Air

Quest quest questionz’

Only me and my reflectionz’

Have me left guessin’ gaspin’ 4 air’

I wanna’ see thangs clear n’

Not despair’

I’ve lived too many daydream nightmarez’

Upon these days revolve’ the self doubt’

In out and about’

Wishin’ I had clout n a stout’

Aerosol candid bandit’

Maybe a mic n my hand its’ jus a little’

Piece of the puzzle’

The pitbull muzzle’


Reciting lyrical exitement’

Take a bite of forbidden fruits’


The way these rhymes take me away.




Lil Rhyme Poetry – Nina


Inspite of my risked flight heres some insight to my intwined mind designed to inspire

Nothing required; building from a comforting nothingness to be blunt ignorance is bliss and just oh so comforting

But no views distorted, as far as I’ve seen or noticed. Visionary mind state I escalate and remain focussed

The persuit of happiness is on track mathmatically; tapping into my potential of a well that fills and distills drastically

Conform to no norms, I’m in no way shape or form a part of a swarm a touch comforting warmth

I like runways of sunrays that come blaze the concrete Im amazed at the phases Ive been through I’m feeling complete

My girl and I build together; nothing ever felt so real, Im feeling the future will help us keep it here n still always will just be together



Rhyme therapy. Poetic outcry.

Just writing shit. Passing time. Outlashing rhyme.

Is Concrete freedom? Completely completing me?

I feel like I’m depleting…

Too much time… so here I rhyme.

I got a good girl, good world. I’m in love.

Word therapy it’s scaring me cause words release and reveal disparity.

The repressed stress that impales / my chest… I let the rest of my rhymes set sail. 

Every day listening to the rain, it washes pain away.

I want to get up, but it looks like imma do it on a later day.

Now: Trynna bail… out….I fell off.. or fell out… I feel like I’m doing nothing when I’m sitting here alone with my own”self.”…

I’m too used to street tops / we walked the block in reboks / more miles than Enoch / up n down like seasaws.

…then hop trains to the seashore. Drink more. I need more,

Fuck, I bleed for freedom like firey Vietnam napalm. 

I’m going awal.

God Damn I seen it all, drove me up the walls….

No sentiment to what I representing in this moment. Alone, Heckle myself. Jeckle?

Fuck it, Hyde… but wise with pretty eyes.

No doctor could ever calm my storms. Before they’d have to lock up me up to disarm my sword cause I was hardened up in numerous spots, reclusive to the marks n whites. Selling anything up, down. it could be hard n white. Sparks n darkness all around us so I got up n I got a Mic. White boy, the homie in disguise, still I rise, no demise, what? Gutter minded, smooth like butter out the housing projects.. That I would drowse in / n drowning…. in problems no solving it, just dissolve it. Mixing pills w potions in my cup of cauldron burning hottest notions. The Urban junglist psychlobin fungus n coco leaf under my tongue it’s.. MDMA in my nose and it’s disgusting. Welfare Glutton.

Like:Fuck it.

But Im survival against the rival, which is self, close minded to changing my mind, my mind is always shrouded dark clouded in madness to death. Always trying to redesign, redefine, n read in between the lines. Inclining myself refining self and it’s a crucial time.


Now that I’m reclusive.

Introduced to the sobriety. Inducing nothingness including no substance to my mindstate. That was then, this is now …. Now… This is my mindstate… soberly irate. Am I trying to find me? Do these words serve a purpose? I think I make people nervous. I’m unafraid. I was the underage murderous on the curb sip serve swerving it or serving it.

That then. This is now, now. so true. How I gonna get through this? What am I supposed to do? I’m so new to.







Fresh Audacity – Nina

Once upon a time Audastic girl named Nina

A Martr – Cause being trans only made me harder

An international abstract – in these the concrete walls

These bars like prison cells -and  my oz have you staring in awe

Fresh out the prison with the wisdom.

No God for me I am not controlled by a religion…

With my pen and my pad, I create my own fate.

No fads or facades , I stay-fresh like Colgate. 😉


Time is the beautiful now. – Nina

Time is beautiful

As it has the power to reveal

The power to heal

Time you can feel

Time isn’t always so real

As time can lock you up

or set you free

Each moment;



Each moment only once; it is precious

Calm or restless…

A fleeting escape

Alive or un-awake

Somethings are timeless And Others are past their time

Or before their time…


It is affected by gravitational pull

Like the moon




Time is soon and later and now

It was before And it was before before

Playing in the time

Until we are given no more

But this is natural so don’t be afraid of time;

Stretching or… running out

I don’t need a watch to know


The time is now.






Jotting rhymes in moments .- Nina

Literature is a little bit illiterate.

It’s not deliberate I figure it’s..m

Just a step taken not mistaken

When the pen hits the pad not much is


Life taken for granted

Backhandslappin’ myself

like I’m my own mother giving lashes

But I be splashing in the pools of time; unwind

My mind

Into sublime

I find. My peace in single moments

then I hold it….

Oh so deeply . oh if you could see» into my mind

The magic amidst the tragic you’ll find;

It’s a little bit fragmented but sentiments unprecedented whenever

I get a good vibrations I let it reside into the residence

Resignate mmmm, my soul escapes 

I’m so awake

Here and now, now and here.


All is clear.



Untitled – Nina

Stopped for a moment, your pause awaits response.

I reply simply a clause initially flawed; you gaze in awe.

I have guideline on my timeline refined rhymes that define: I

Raps attached to gun toting n exploding that are of a frozen stat.

Love infinite; dismissed diminishing oblivious differences.

Opposing that.

I break the chains of the vicious cycle malicious carnivorous.

Do you have a moment to change fate? My pen n pad a gateway….

Man-made, stake-claims, fake-gains of “dollar bills”.

You got to.







Valenrhymes Day

Oh my Divine… Assiral spiral

I admire you, but…..

You are a naughty, naughty girl.

Polka dotty pearl.

Your a doozy alright.

Your amusing me all night.

Frizzy puppies get jealous.

I try not to be selfish shellfish.

You made me cum out my shell.

Shit. Might as well. Bitch..

I’m backwards with fore words.

Loving you before earth.

I’m just gonna rub you.

I rub you so much.

Rub you long time.

With dumb rhymes.

Call me when the sun rise.


Happy Valentine’s.



Prove it.

Muse, used you, hope I didn’t abuse it