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Infinite black skies as I arise; No more need to why

As I search for my finds; Awake by design-mind

Zen like street light as the trees sway in the breeze

Darkest night; sparked as words take flight

Nuero receptors part like the red sea; calm and deadly

Medley for a monk; a mantra like funk

Tough luck and taken as a blessing

Heal and resting and manifesting the next thing

Riding Rhyming; The Bus Sun Rise -Nina


Jotting rhymes / On the bus; Its a good vibe
Good ride 🙂
The hundred to my girlys / JusssChillin’
Nothin’ but the Sunshine
Cascades my eyes
Kendrick in my headphones / Off probation in 2 months
Aww hell no
No more court cases / No conditions / no red zones 😉
Art for charity; clarity
Krylon in my leather purse for the letter work…
For what it’s worth
I write with the eyes of Buddha watching over
N Somehow… / Ive Gotten sober in this crazy world
Ive lost a lot of friends n that…
But we all need ends n that…
For all the people in the world that helped me
I hope that I can get you back. 🙂