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The calming rain. – Nina

Sweet rainfall… I awaited for you to cleanse my spirit

Thank you for joining me again, I’m so happy your back

I’m in love with your sound,

to me it’s music of peace, the music of life and the calmness that I crave

Sometimes I place my head to the sky to feel your heavenly touch, it’s orgasmic in its essence

For millions of years you have left and returned, travelling the earth and skies

You make me smile when I’m down, it’s just that since a child we’ve grown closer and closer in this mountainous rainforest I call home

You trickle and drop and exploring unknowns giving life to our plants, animals… all life; for that I thank you

Consider my life to be that of a rain dance; you fit perfectly with traditional flute or hand drum

I will dance with you; the physical rain

And the rains of life.

Reigns of life, rains of life.

pouring down.