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Take. – Nina


I have not been myself it seems… and I can’t shake it off. I sit in my lingerie all alone and I want to be touched; to be your desire. I want to be taken. Here and now and forever. ¬†Asking when I’m going to see you but I’m on fire… burning n itching and clawing at the walls in my empty room… A wild animal.

Nothing quenches my thirst…biting down on myself but knowing I can’t do this alone. Whispering to myself what I wish you would do and say to me. And oh what I would do to you if you would let me… Mind racing; Back arching, with my head floating in pink clouds.




MY MUSE: Ice Cream Fiend. Rewritten by me; By Poet Unknown


Iced cream…

‘I was an iced cream “fiend”.

One day i decided i needed a scoop of… “rainforest crunch”.

Now… “cup or cone?”…

Cup or cone cup or cone…

When getting iced cream one is always faced with this conundrum

Cup or cone cup or cone?

You see if I take a cup… ill wonder about the cone.


You see with the cone;

I lick the tip… and then i crunch n munch the cone

then i lick the tip AND THEN I CRUNCH N MUNCH THE CONE

I take a big bite

Crunching n munching…

then i lick my lips…


cause I like that game…