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Sense or… sense less. – Nina


I’m not special.

From you or them or anyone on earth

Nothing makes me better nor worse

But I feel like an alien in a sense…

Unable to bind to any of these earthly elements

Always wondering where to go from here

This doesn’t quite fit…

When years pass like seconds

Lifes essence is silently intrepid

Odd this “time” on earth…

It’s troublesome…

So; My mind is elsewhere

Is anyone else here?

In this utterly blinding heartfelt darkness

Or is this just simply…

Nonsensely farfetched

That I feel no different than any being

But I’m an entirely different entity

Blessed serenity?

Alien displaced mentally!

Relentlessly pretending these human “customs”

Are acceptable to … anything….


Nerdy tattoos becoming popular offline and online, resulting in new slang “otatto” — RocketNews24

You know something has become a cultural phenomenon when it gets its own slang! As you probably know, tattooing has a…complicated relationship with mainstream society in Japan. But, much like the rest of the world, people are starting to realize that it’s actually a fairly normal artform and having tattoos doesn’t automatically make you a…

via Nerdy tattoos becoming popular offline and online, resulting in new slang “otatto” — RocketNews24

An open letter to my love.

It’s 6:50 AM. I’m feeling pretty good, I love the early mornings and they say its a good time to be creative because the subconscious mind is still active; naturally I go to the computer and begin writing. As I do every morning so it often gives me dejavu. Thinking about my girlfriend and what she means to me.

The coffee is made and she’s sound asleep in the bedroom. We saw star wars last night and it was really nice to finally got to see something in theaters because we watch movies obsessively; it’s almost absurd. I love her with all my heart, she likes to say “no you dont”, when I tell her I do. It’s a cute game. One of many; such a tease. Laughing as I type.*


Both of our lives shifted and changed in a huge way when we met; slowly at first but it seems as though we’ve moved mountains in this cherished blip in time. I’m moved in many ways; changed for the good. True love moves mountains and I feel blessed. Here I am; writing away with her as my inspiration. Codependent in a productive fashion, we like to set goals and 99% of the time we reach them, we are like an unstoppable force. At least that’s how I feel.

Alike and polar opposites, a perfect balance of attraction; opposites attracting, yin and yang.  The law of attraction we both believe in. She thinks she has bad luck and I think I have good luck ,so we can sit in harmony together; our lives balanced in opposition but also in love. She pushes me to keep going in all my art forms and avoid wasting my time and energy on useless “shit”.  I’m a slow learner and she is quick, so I appreciate when she can see the storms coming before I can.


Keep watching over me.


Love, Nina Yin