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My dreams are intertwined

Magic and realistic

The writing can touch the devine

Brush stokes on cosmic canvas

I paint; deviate from the norm

My imagination like wolves runs wild

I’m never confined; defined

I’m an empress in my own place in time


As I incline; recognize my devine mind

Nothing can define I

My finesse stretch through nets n wires

Im cosmic in flesh form born from a torn war in the soul scorned

From out the darkness light with a heart to fight ignite fear in the wicked

Split them in half in split seconds

Information Age : Rhyme Poetry – Nina


Its systematic;   for you to be a system addict

Backslash\\\\\\; this is your life; Trapped

Cannot resist the catalyst

The world is mad manic; cash grabbing

Catch a glimpse of the stashing; your information; static

Virus infiltrates the minds of; blinds us

Information age; what a waste and it defines us