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Honestly me.

FB_IMG_1490844974713Taking a moment to breathe simple poetry

Honest to the page; honest to myself; refreshing sage

Entranced and awakened; it was romantic

But Perhaps. I need to find myself

Remind myself; follow your dreams

Humbly sitting beside myself; just finding me.



Photo on 17-02-21 at 8.12 AM #3.jpg

Its all been slowed to a stop

And I felt like a child again

Something as simple as the breeze blowing on my face

And the sound of wind

The tattering rain on the tin roof

And the slightest warmth in the air

Smiling when I can feel,

And hear; the earths simple pleasures

Timeless is and

Precious is life.


Dear Larissa – Nina

Today I am stronger than yesterday

Tomorrow I am stronger than today

I loved you yesterday today and tomorrow

I love you

Yesterday was amazing with you

so I can’t wait for tomorrow

Today I’m working on it

So tomorrow I can work harder

In the present moment I’m smiling

About a better tomorrow

The reasons have past

It just simply is


Love Nina