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Just Smile beautiful.


Wake up

And not long…

Realizing the blessings as usual

Its the the morning;

The sun hasn’t even risen in the sky

And its another day to start again

You are you; and you are beautiful

Don’t feel so down about money

Don’t feel down about anything!

All I want you to do is

Just smile for me…

There you go… 🙂



Smile note.


I will love n smile when the rain begins to fall

And then I will love when the sun begins to shine

I’m going to appreciate that which is beautiful and simple

Like this moment as I type; And sip my warm coffee

Thankful to be alive and breathing

I don’t write to gain; but perhaps learn about myself and…

Just to be happy for that moment; look back at it and smile again

We don’t have time to fret; life is simply too short

So I am here; smiling for no particular reason

But it does

Boost endorphins.

Just a smiley note for day




Myself Pt. 4

Being you.

I have no problem being myself; it took me a long time to get here. I feel like growing up I tried to be a million different versions of me or some shit, never really taking the time to settle into my own skin and spirituality. Knowing I am going to be working on me, working forever. But being yourself, your going to enjoy it. Enjoy that work.

Time is a crazy concept.

I can’t go back in time and rearrange my mentality or prevent myself from a bipolar diagnosis and frequent panic attacks, I can’t say that smoking that shit is going to fuck up your life. Picking your shit up and moving on is priceless. I have a life of constant change and that’s extremely important. I can adapt like it’s nothing in the face of everything. So this time I’m granted I’m going to try and see it for what it is; what I can do with it. Make something out of it. Lasting forever.

Right now I’m doing me.

I make my own rules and goals, positive and never self destructive. I put down the bottle just to get a grip on my own life. I caught it good this time, really moving forward and exploring sides of myself I used to be afraid of. You got to give yourself props sometimes. I love just being creative and putting myself out, there’s always something to be created, for the world.

It’s important to have someone on your side.

Someone that understands your struggles and loves you, you know? In a non judgemental way, in more of a “here let me help you deal with this,”. Followed by. “Okay good now… You got this”.

It doesn’t have to be your lover but in my case it most definitely is, I used to always feel like my battle was lonesome, no matter what my social and family life was like. I’m lucky, I’ll just say that.

Ending note.

I always say that no one listens to me. I’m full of shit cause one of the people not listening to me is me. Haha*

Or maybe not paying close attention and can’t stay focused. Haha*

So listen to yourself! What is your heart and soul trying to say to “you”; just you and not the world. It all starts within.

—!Nina !!—-

My Clouds


Wasting time in the clouds: Indescribable comfort, it must be magic. Winters cold outside and I’m warm in my bed; moaning, rejoicing, grinning with delight. I went through a lot to get here: a home, and my bed is wonderful. My time in the clouds.

As I smile and say goodnight;


Nina Yin Vestergaard