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I can simply be myself; no validation needed thanks.

I cant leave this blank. This canvas can be made beautiful.

Quite suitable for a musical of paint.

Paint of my soul with no restraint.

Im spiritual yes; but my body is the vehicle of quest.

Attested to only oneself; Im blessed.





I love you with all my heart

And I love you with my arsenal of art

Hoping to melt your soul

I can remember you crying tears of joy

Like it was yesterday

The most beautiful thing Ive ever seen

You said you needed me

Oh how badly I needed you

And now to have you…

To feel you… To see you smile…

If I could give you the world

I would shed mine for you babe

And I think you know that

There is no bound to my love

I’m going to be here with you

Missing you when your away

Thinking of your beautiful face

But in my heart you stay




-Love Nina