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Passing Time Atracting vibes

The new world of mine as like time everchanging

There can be no explanation; explaining is draining

Simplified is best I Left the intricuits obstaining

The new path to walk calm collected stone rock

Time barely has the time to tick tock in the fast lane Im shocked

My venture is obsessive dream states awaking

I was painstakingly awaiting; shaking like earth quaking

Upon arrival its trival trouble trivial Im minimul

Like hip hop subliminals you better love me

I type this ignited sitting comfy.




I came from another place; A place where I was placed in a war: in the spiritual world. The truth bared all.  From the sadistic to the beautiful in awe.  Where the true inner child is free and wild. With all of the world on my fingertips… I carefully spinned it… A fragile God.  With an intent to prevent harm. Closed eyes revealed all. This was simply the norm as the signs were devised in many forms; all was materalized before my eyes. No; I was not surprised;

To be awakened at all…


Journey. – Nina

Life is like a sort of journey

But I have no fixed plans on arrival

No control I depart into unknown

Encircled aura of protection surroundings me

Unafraid, unscathed casting rays of light

Travelling in music and in the subconscious flight

In reality; departing norm and taking many forms

Crossing bridges and borders, water space and time

Luminous calm and ease, feeling the breeze

Feeling the earths magnetic pull and vibrations

Every step takes me “that” much closer

Every moment in each moment leading me to a single moment

Hold it…

A point in time similar to a Destiny

But It’s my own recipe

Law of attractions; I’m creating reactions

Now what’s next for me?



Nowhere Fast (Practically I need to Focus) – Nina Yin / Goodnightnina; slam poetry reading.

Going nowhere fast / barefoot miles on glass

Burning coals / completely submerged

Yearning Growth.


Practically I need to Focus

Become the most observant person /

Constantly earning / learning / serving the people

With the substance of light / which is….

The light