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262. Dean Lane skate park (8) — Natural adventures

Now I am back in the UK, after a wonderful trip across ‘the pond’, I can resume my posts on Bristol street art/graffiti (with maybe a couple of guest entries from New York). This is a truly brilliant collaboration from a few weeks ago in Dean Lane between Zesk and Hemper. Zesk has appeared in these […]

via 262. Dean Lane skate park (8) — Natural adventures

Streets tell tales. Nina Yin Poetry.

Tongue sharp as a sword/mighty switchblade ideology. Accordingly change/ Autumn leaves Socrates astrology autonomy.

Streets tell tales like warzones, torn homes,/ families with no hope instored most. I implore opening doors call me the host.

Pain, phame and egotism. Ace in the hole aim to kill / contradicting truth, it’s all fiction.

Smashing a Babylonian mold / sold back in many pieces, centuries to retrieve it. Eyes see demons no deceiving.

Chemical weaponry for my team, what I mean enlightening regime we dream Z’$ cream n peace.

Across water, borders, lawless / no control us behold us the lowest form of life is

all knowing…