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The stars – Nina


The blue stars.

She would “talk” to the stars

She would dance with nature and sing with the birds

The crows in particular, making her smile

Her best friend was the raven or worst enemy…

Her imagination was extravagant

The date of earth wasn’t reality

Time nor place replaced by visions

In drum circles with the village

She would sing of the life and it’s rhythm

Eventually she talked with the stars

Her hopes and her dreams and the natural mystic

It took decades as the speed of light was not fast enough

But the stars replied

With the wisdom she seeked; the life she wanted to live;

Impossibility is laughable now

The truth

Was closer and close enough to touch and feel

Tantalising reality of the sacred unity with her stars

The stars are out tonight

looking down

Or looking up

As we live our lives, they speak.

It takes time

but what is time?

I could write this forever in time.

Thanking the stars.

For their love.


Love Nina

Rain calming Raven.


The rain is beautiful. Naturally cleansing in every way; everything it touches, it’s feeding me new life.

Rain calm is the rains song.

The raven sits with me once again.

How should we begin?

I’m euphoric now to hear of its return, I was dismayed until I started to hear it’s song unto the concrete and tin.

Me and my Raven again.