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Being in love ; A little letter. From Nina

I cherish the many moments, even her sleeping to my side

I think she carries the weight of the world with grace

I’m proud of you.

We are together most of our lives since the day we met

And that’s helped me to grow into me; and into love

Thank you.

Passionately taking her soul into my own is… bliss…

She is more than special, she’s who I’ve been waiting, a lifetime

It was worth the wait.

Kissings you goodbye, I close my eyes.

See you tomorrow.




Valenrhymes Day

Oh my Divine… Assiral spiral

I admire you, but…..

You are a naughty, naughty girl.

Polka dotty pearl.

Your a doozy alright.

Your amusing me all night.

Frizzy puppies get jealous.

I try not to be selfish shellfish.

You made me cum out my shell.

Shit. Might as well. Bitch..

I’m backwards with fore words.

Loving you before earth.

I’m just gonna rub you.

I rub you so much.

Rub you long time.

With dumb rhymes.

Call me when the sun rise.


Happy Valentine’s.



Prove it.

Muse, used you, hope I didn’t abuse it







Harder, better, faster, stronger.


So special what you have given to me:

Keeping me in company and inspired when I’m without you. These literary splendors that I wanted without even knowing it. Sometimes I think you know more about me than I do. I’m not really ever feeling alone, even when your gone “I was just about to call you” … “I’m reading the books you bought for me,”…

Growing because of it, picking them up, writing, picking them up, writing , but as you know it’s ever so slowly how my learning process works, ever-changing and emotional, but you ground me, I can’t thank you enough. Simply enjoying um…. everything!

blue eyes reading long hair books smiling lying down anime girls black hair 3224x1535 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_26

You like to read but wouldn’t admit it so,  I called you on it :P…..Proud of you and always have been so give your self some credit. My oblivious attitude or Inclinclinations to only hear what I want to hear…. a little ashamed knowing now how lucky that I really am, a little spoiled, but in the good ways, the kind that builds up a person stronger, and a relationship stronger.

I like reading to you, poetry, literature and articles, I never really had someone that would “listen” to me and it felt like a curse. We watch documentaries even if they are bootlegged and blurry, just so we can learn and grow; heartbreaking and heartwarming cycle. I think everything is a cycle; like an ocean tide or the sunset. Artistically or. Visually. Sending you my love.



Nina “Yin” Vestergaard