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:) Smiling.

Reborn from pain, ascending out of madness and despair.

I’m reborn into self, creative and learning entity.

Laughing and smiling and dancing to lifes song.

Breathing the air again, I was drowning.

I can taste the food again and feel the calming rain.

I can smile at simplicity and ponder the complex

I am here again.

My Clouds


Wasting time in the clouds: Indescribable comfort, it must be magic. Winters cold outside and I’m warm in my bed; moaning, rejoicing, grinning with delight. I went through a lot to get here: a home, and my bed is wonderful. My time in the clouds.

As I smile and say goodnight;


Nina Yin Vestergaard

Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Vestergaard.


A Buddhist monk who studied and meditated on the teachings of Buddha for over a decade wanted to speak with an enlightened one who dwelled alone in a small temple high in the mountains. He prepared for his journey eager to hear his teaching. After 7 days of rigorous hiking he reached the temple.

The master greeted him and welcomed him inside. The master put some tea on to boil and they sat in silence. The monk became very eager and unsettled in not hearing his teaching. The master poured the tea and sat with the monk. The monk didn’t drink his tea and began questioning his master of Buddha.

The master replied.. “You have studied Buddhism for 20 years and can not simply enjoy this cup of tea?” The monk wept…. as another step to enlightenment lay under his feet….

Nina Yin