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Something to think about …. “Always Protect the Children ….Really?”!! — It Is What It Is

~~May 3, 2016~~ CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE If a child lives with criticism, they learn to condemn. If a child lives with hostility, they learn to fight. If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive, If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves, If a child lives with […]

via Something to think about …. “Always Protect the Children ….Really?”!! — It Is What It Is

Trans Pride: A Higher Cause (Poetry) – Nina

I am…

The Type of writer who lites fires with typewriters.

Trans pride; n its a quite higher:


Despite my minor flaws I write because.


Inspired by role models and not cold bottles.

No more sorrow.

I’m trans and…

Trans transgender pride; my gender why?

In splendor I; am utterly myself.

Selfishly no; selfless by being oneself with.

All that I can and possibly will.

If I didn’t; I’d probably be ill.

Although it really needs no commentary.

On the contrary I still see a bigots daily

I’m doing fine but I can imagine somewhere out there…

Someone is terrified of being themselves

I see this clearly.

Now a common occurring; non obscuring event.

I present myself to the world plus my 2 cents.

Have a conscience; discriminatory nonsense.

Happiness lays around the corner for many.

Plenty if we; could set an example and

Simply be free.



Nowhere Fast (Practically I need to Focus) – Nina Yin / Goodnightnina; slam poetry reading.

Going nowhere fast / barefoot miles on glass

Burning coals / completely submerged

Yearning Growth.


Practically I need to Focus

Become the most observant person /

Constantly earning / learning / serving the people

With the substance of light / which is….

The light



About me :) Pt. 5

I’m 50 days clean and sober which is more than I can honestly say I’ve ever done in any past attempts. When my anxiety gets bad I think how far I’ve come from being homeless just a few months ago to a beautiful apartment in my most desired neighborhood…

I liked to party… or maybe a more serious way to put it, I liked to get Fucked Up… and also self medicated in extremely dangerous mixes of substance and situations, seriously Fucked Up situations I put myself in to do so. I can’t begin to describe how lucky I feel to be alive. Daunting memories and situations I have to try to deal with and leave in the past.

Lucky for me, after um… using random shit for 10 years or more, I never died in my sleep nor physically hurt anyone other than myself as far as I know. I worry so dearly about all the people I grew close to and It’s great to see my close friends in a recovery zone too, we’re all in this together and nothing is easy to do alone.

Art is so important, expression and the act of simple creativity. That’s an addiction I can never, ever… leave behind. Blogging has been a great outlet, something to look forward to when I wake up, read articles and poetry and sharing a little bit of what inspires me and keeps me grounded. I’d say it’s played a positive role in my life, recovery (whatever you want to call it). I don’t think blogging about my experience in the streets is in store anytime soon but I thought it would be a nice note to leave the world that… I’ve been through a lot but, I’m doing better than alright.

Peace n love.


Mirrors and time. – Nina

An imaginative creature with a desire for adventure, forever in youth.
Years went by…

She looked in that mirror at 13 years old absolutely baffled. It changed everything. “Oh that’s who I am,”. She thought. Eyes wide as the moon shocked in awe. Now I see… A girl is who I am and who I am meant to be.But as most stories go years upon years went by ignoring self in the mirror of time. Dumbfounded by complexities and obstacles to simply finding oneself. She roamed about indulging in indulgence. Schooling in school and working in work. Fulfillment was un-achieved it was simply just work.

Of course there were the slightest attempts to reclaim who she was, where she was going and what she represents. But… Instead of believing in herself she simply listened to others, burying dreams and emotions, tossing them in oceans of acid. Profound sadness eventually madness engulfed her mind absolutely unable to unwind, she left it all…

Luckily for her time allowed the dream so resurface, emerging with profound purpose.

        Seeing the truth in a new light wings grew for a new flight. The wind simply carries as the wind usually does and she grew into something unusually good… The world slowly lifted off of her shoulders and she sees herself in the mirror once again.

A Transgender Note – Nina

I don’t feel as though being transgender as a burden, to me it’s a blessing. Many gods, goddesses and spiritual guides were intersex or changed gender over time. Some aboriginal tribes in north America had a name for it centuries ago ” 2 spirit ”

Although unacceptable in Muslim and Christian faiths I am neither. In Buddhism they regard it as your spiritual qualities from your past life arising in your present. I do not need validation from anyone or anything to be myself.

Countries around the world need to show basic human rights, laws protecting trans people across the world. I see suffering in the trans community from an ignorant world without conscious mind on human spirituality and science.

I am a proud transgender woman urging you to be whatever you want to be. Manifest yourself a brighter future in regards to your identity. You need not a label nor a piece of paper. You need not to be understood by all.

But you need to be yourself,

Love Nina