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Liebster Award. / A writers heart.

I was nominated by:  Alhana06 Thank you!!!


She asked.

1.) What made you start writing?

I started writing about things, people and quotes that inspire me and millions of people across the planet. I can’t point at a what made or makes me other than inspiring people; hundreds of them.

2.) What is your biggest pet peeve for your significant other, or your dream date? Why?

It’s hard for me to say I have a pet peeve for the most important person in my life. My pet peeve is that we can’t physically crawl into each others heads telepathically. I think I’d like that. She’s also a tease but that’s a yin and yang I love to hate and hate to love. 🙂

3.) What would be your dream vacation?

Myself, Girlfriend, Ziggy and brother Doryan and my parents staying somewhere tropical but able to visit temples, perhaps Thailand or India.

4.) What band would you love to see in concert?

The Roots performing J Dilla, Or Stone Mecca with the Rza

5.) What is your favorite quote of all time?

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

-Haile Selassie

6.) What is your favorite book?

The Tao of Wu

7.) Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

Buddha, they say Buddhism isn’t about “becoming a Buddhist” it’s just about becoming a better person.

8.) Who was the first Author you read?

Ill just say Dr. sues because that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Green eggs and ham. 🙂 That was my jam, Sam I am.

9.) What makes you laugh more than anything else?

Being with my girlfriend; letting go of myself makes me laugh about pretty well anything. Laughing at myself more often than not nobody’s perfect!

10.) Do you ever want more than what you have for you life right now? Why? What would it be?

I’d like to be doing more film projects, they say a picture paints a thousand words, perhaps films paint a million, film schools are in my future. I’d also like less of something in my life: plastic products and the monetary system.

11.) What is your favorite thing about yourself?

That I have a passion to grow, still feeling young and eager to learn. I also hope I inspire a few people along the way as an outspoken transgender woman or just an outspoken person.


Thank you.    For the nomination.

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To those I nominated nominate I ask the following questions.

1. Where do you find inspiration?

2. What’s your dream career?

3. Who is your favorite poet?

4.What makes you “tick” and why?

5.What was your first major memory as a child?

6.Describe a “perfect world” .

7. If you could live anywhere on earth where would it be?

8. What’s your biggest obstacle?

9. Who’s your biggest musical influence?

10. Why do you write?

11. What’s the single most important issue mankind faces in 2016 and what would you like done about it?


Nominate 4-11 people and ask them 11 questions that come to mind about your nominees.

All the best!


Me reciting: Nowhere Fast – Nina Yin ; Slam Poetry.

Nowhere Fast….

I’m going nowhere fast/my present my past,walking barefoot miles on glass and burning coals, I’m completely submurged but I’m yearning growth, Stuck in my youth but my truths are endless; boundless. Stuck in poverty surrounded by billions monopoly, tortured its sodomy, oddly enough something is proud of me

Keep on pushing past my castrations and lacerations of life’s tolls… so much to offer but to everyone I’m a burden, I’m concerned for my future because I’m inflicted with pain / always against the grain, infinite struggle of trying to maintain

I’ve tried nine million nine to fives, nickel and dime lives, can’t get a trickle of a fine life, I wasn’t designed right so I rely on my despicable but inclined mind…

I’ll be fine right?

Just to catch a glimpse of a brighter tomorrow would lighten my sorrow/ ignite an emotion to put it in motion and feel it in my soul as deep as the ocean….

But practically I need to focus…. become the most observant person constantly yearnin’ to be learnin’ earnin’, the most deserving, serving people the substance of life; the light.

Nina Yin Vestergaard

Lost-Memoirs of hallucinatory delusions and psychosis. – Nina

mistymountains_by_taenaron-d6i3a1pI don’t know when this all began….It’s kind of a blur. Okay, it’s really a blur.

I remember being by the river with junkies. Calling them my friends but not knowing their names. Skater junkies, one of them was homeless and I was his tour guide for the day. They were smoking meth or crack from a lightbulb, I’m not really sure…

I might have been smoking weed because  I know I was euphoricphoric and anxious treading through the hot sun from park to park, malnourished.

Something inside me cracked.

Dynamite in the distance.  They  say It’s supposed to be stolen, kids stealing small dynamite from the railroad companies.

I don’t even know what year it was..

Next thing I remember I was at home.

But I really remember the windows. Night

The upstairs windows reflected evil and translucent, mysterious in nature, watching me; From all angles because in my delirious mind windows had the capability to watch me from different angles but…. someone was showing me exactly what they wanted me to see and I knew it was not real. Like the outside world was just a TV screen, the world I knew was non existent.

The television early the next morning was somewhat of a magic window as well but…Through THIS magic window I see visions dancing and shimmering along the grass. I am young I’m just a kid who’s lost somewhere… I look through the window… a kid like me. Is that me? Under a tree where beautiful poems foretell my future. I see me. Painting and about to embark on my destiny.

This positivity couldn’t last long ….amidst a war…

…. But I hadnt been sleeping. …Amplified sounds, dynamite and gunshots, bangs and chainsaws, screaming echoing throughout this valley… you could say… .slightly distracting me?

Ambushing enemies by jumping directly through the window is something odd I had to do… to enlighten the world….because whispering in my ear, in reality I was whispering to myself but in my mind it was them, they were begging for it.

I know I’mm being watched…. Through other magic windows…I’m scared“I think that this is too unreal but I can’t wake up from this nightmare.

. .I sense a Mass suicide along the musty mountains, especially in the daytime… on my journeys through the neighborhood market and community bus gypsies and fortune tellers can see my darkness they sense it’s truth and they have been long storytellers.

But I am a goddess. God or what have you. Some sort of luminous being… bringing compassion. Flashbacks on my goals to save the world….I call out to them but I’m laughed at and called an imposter by my mother. My own mother

Not only my mother but the media as well. They portrayed me pissing on the tree of life but the truth was far from it.

I was watching anime on a 13 inch TV . A war episode, maybe gundam wing…

Fighter jets and gunships rattle my cottage on the ocean faster than the speed of sound so I jump out the window and they are already gone. The beauty of my delusional ideology literally brought to life in front of my face.

I’ve stopped taking my medication because I still didn’t understand what was going on with me… I spend my time wandering the neighborhood…..

there’s a baby crying. Why crying? What does it mean. Why am I here? I walk in and am threatened and arrested moments after. I had no idea what was going on….

Not before long I am captured down the dusty alley. Taken and stripped naked following multiple injections. Solitary confinement; a prisoner of war in my own eyes to be tortured and experimented on (partial truths) cloned, drugged, raped and interrogated in my mind….

“Why are you so scared?”  The doctors ask. “What are you afraid of….”.

I’m afraid of you. Devils in suits… I thought.

Alone and afraid I hear a piano from the distance. It’s.. so beautiful and I begin to cry. Harder than I’ve ever cried. I was thankful for something so deep. A change. A friend….

I made a friend with the music and a friend with Ali…. for a moment all at ease….

I made my escape after 2 weeks.  But I think I’m getting lost again. It’s easy to get lost in these mountains… the mountains by the ocean….. “it’s not the same any more is it?” Ali asked.

“No” I replied. ” it’s not,”.

Dedicated to Ali.

Rest in Peace.

By Nina Shade Vestergaard