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The art of finding oneself. – Nina

More often than not we are told how to live, right?

Take a minute to evaluate.

Starting off in a classroom for years and even decades on end, you sit, sit to learn; Christopher Columbus discovered America and how to find the square route of random numbers. Sigh*

Did human evolution naturally incline us to spend our most important years of growth in a chair? I think not…….

We graduate, we’ve learned how to follow orders and build bridges for our employers… laws of the land; creating barriers physically and financially more and more as life progresses. The idea of a 9-5 and a white picket fence and 3 kids. Even if it is graspable for the lucky few, we struggle to move forward.

“Did you stop, stop to reevaluate the ingrained ideology placed upon you?”.

Individuality is becoming farther and farther less prevalent as we strive to get the same jobs, same cars, computers and apparel… We want to be beautiful or successful financially in essence… bombarding us in advertisements and corporate agenda.

Some say in order to find oneself, one must lose themself; similarly in religions in the aspect of being “reborn,”. Every day we wake up from a subconscious state, back into the conscious reality. Every day is a chance to be reborn.

What I am trying to portray is that “change” is this key. To Lose yourself… be reborn…

It all starts with you. As much as the daily routine brings you comfort it can also be your prison.

Escape it.

Fear not what change may bring unto you.


Who you are and where you can be. Erase all fear they have instilled inside your heart.

Be free.