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Street Photography; Vancity Storm.


photo by @the_werst_

Shut em down open up shop!: Under the bridge… – via #ManageTheDamage

from Instagram:

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City Symphony – Nina


For eternity; I walk these city blocks like Enoch

God with me or not.

Its Poetry.

Infinite street tops and Calligraphy stained walls

Read the bombs like psalms; calmly carress

Finesse with pens; aggressively pressed

Against the concrete; my nikes

Sun up till sun down

I’ll have come up before I come down

Running around grounded;

With my head in the clouds

Night flights exite my kites

Urban junglist; with psychlobin fungus

Or tetra hyrdo -eyes-low-

And I know theres…

A million stories in the naked city

I take em with me

City misery and the polar opposite symphonies…


Survival. – Nina

How lucky can I be.

I’ve survived all I’ve seen.

How many of these streets.

Nights and memories.

I’ve been paralyzed by thought.

Traps that I was caught.

Bleeding in the streets.

Many lessons I was taught.

I escaped unscathed.

My mind bathes in yesterdays.

All the different ways,

That I chose that I would play.

Cityscape playgrounds, money and indulgence.

Self destructive lust, my control was that of nothing.

How many others… survived the jungle traps.

I hope that you’ve all survived.

The things we grew attached.