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Bkaanak Giizhgad: Talks Aboriginal Hip Hop in Vancouver ; Manik & Ostwelve

Another day,

the nish naabe way

bkaanak giizhgad.

anthems of the indigenous kind

from ancestral beats flowing down the traplines

it’s the deep bass that resonates filling up space

from the aether above us

connects the souls of our feet to the land below us

where cyphers breathe and spark, birthing

indigenous infused rhythms and resistance

maaba hip hop bemaadziwin, that’s the hip hop life.


Source: & See Full Article Here: —> bkaanak giizhgad

Oji the Gift Bearer Ft Nina Yin – Homo Luminous

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Oji, he inspires me on so many levels, Oji produced this song and allowed me to produce the music video. Thank you for checking us out. Also please check out Oji the Gift Bearers Animated Album online, for those into psychedelics, I’m sure you will be enlightened.

Much Love

Nina Yin